Benefits of SIPs

There are many benefits to using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) as the insulating system for your timber framed home.

They are energy efficient.

  • SIPs have a higher R-value per inch than traditionally fiberglass or blown-in cellulose insulation.
  • They have a "whole" R-Value greater than stud framed homes because there are no thermal bridges in a SIP enclosed timber frame. In common stud construction, up to 15% of the exterior walls can be un-insulated thermal bridges.
  • Because of the superior insulating qualities of SIPs, homes that use them require smaller and less expensive heating and cooling systems.
  • SIPs help reduce heating and cooling bills by as much as 50% compared to traditionally constructed homes.
  • The R-value of SIPs remains stable for the life of the panel and actually increases with decreasing outside temperatures for EPS and XPS core panels.

They are extremely cost effective.

  • SIPs can be installed much faster than a traditionally stud framed shell. On average it takes about 4 days to enclose a 1,800 sq. ft. home which saves money on labor costs.
  • SIPs provide you with a shell ready to trim, roof, install windows and doors, and side all within a week of starting panel installation.
  • Using SIPs creates less building waste than a stick built home. They are a pre-manufactured building material that combines sheathing and insulation. Only the exact square footage needed to wrap the frame is ordered for a project, which minimizes waste tremendously.

They are a good investment.

  • SIP homes have a higher appraised value because of their superior insulating qualitites.
  • SIPs are more fire resistant than conventional stick framed homes because there are no cavities in the walls to produce a "chimney effect".
  • If you are building your home in Vermont, using SIPs in your project makes it easier to qualify for an Energy Star rating from Efficiency Vermont which qualifies you for rebates and other incentives.
  • People purchasing a SIP insulated home may qualify for special energy efficient mortgages.

They are environmentally friendly and conserve resources.

  • The OSB skin is an engineered wood manufactured from renewable "new-growth"or farm grown trees that can be harvested sustainably.
  • The EPS and XPS cores of the SIPs we use contain no formaldehyde (they do not "off-gas") and the OSB that is used for the skins emits such small levels of formaldehyde that the EPA doesn't even regulate them.
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core SIPs are manufactured with only small amounts of petroleum and in the first year after installation, the average home utilizing EPS SIPs saves 19 times the energy it took to make the panels.

They make sense.

  • Properly installed SIPs permit almost zero air infiltration and coupled with a properly sized and installed heat recovery ventilator, offer a healthy living environment.
  • The combination of a timber frame and SIPs gives your home superior strength to meet both wind and snow load requirements.
  • Coupled with high efficiency windows, SIPs create such a tight building envelope and offer such superior R-values that they also serve to keep homes cool in the summers without air conditioning.
  • Because SIPs are highly resistant to noise transmission they produce very quiet and peaceful living conditions.
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