Designing Energy Efficient Homes

Green building is the growing movement of building homes in a way that decreases their impact on the environment during the construction process and throughout the lifetime of the building. When we help our customers build an energy efficient home we help them lower their contribution to global climate change by reducing the air pollution the home creates. To this end we strive to design and build the most energy efficient structures possible.

Our architectural design service will help you complement this system by showing you how to take advantage of other energy efficiencies in heating, lighting and appliances. High efficiency boilers and on-demand hot water systems, in-slab radiant heat systems, centrally located wood stoves and masonry heaters, and the use of Energy Star lighting and appliances are perfect complements to the timber frame/SIP system. When we help our clients locate their house site, we stress the importance of maximizing passive solar heating and installing high quality windows.

We can show our customers how to reduce the total volume of heated space by offering floor plans and house designs that maximize usable square footage.Through this process, many of our customers find they don't need as much room to comfortably live than they originally thought. If we can help to reduce the size of your home, it is our hope that this can also help to reduce the overall cost of your project. This will also go a long way in reducing your future fuel consumption for heat and perhaps enable you to heat exclusively with renewable energy sources such as wood, solar or wind.

We typically enclose all of our timber frames with polystyrene core Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). The SIP envelope has a continuous R-26 for walls and R-32 for the roof (typical for New England SIP application) and no thermal bridging typical of conventional "stud" framing. When you build with Alces Post & Beam, you will own one of the most energy efficient homes available.

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