Customer Responsibilities

We have assembled a general list of things you need to do or think about in order to help us make your project a success. This list should help you and/or your builder to think ahead and prepare for many of the steps you will take during the construction of your timber framed home.

Before construction can begin, all required building permits necessary to complete the project must be in place.

Final timber frame plans must be approved by you prior to Alces Post & Beam ordering the timber for the project. Once final frame plans are approved and the timber is ordered, it will take approximately 2 months to deliver the completed frame assuming your project is the next on our schedule. During the busiest time of the year sawmills may require up to a month to process our timber order and on average it take us and additional 3-4 weeks to cut the frame depending on its complexity. It is important to keep these time frames in mind when planning your home and to schedule the timber frame portion of the project accordingly. For example, if you live in a northern environment with a short building season, it would be prudent to complete your house designs and timber frame plans during the fall so they can be finalized by January and we can have your frame ready to be raised in the spring.

We require that you sign a contract with us for any architectural design work we provide for you, and for the timber frame construction and structural insulated panel installation. We require a deposit before we can schedule your project and order timber for your frame.

You, or your builder, are responsible for the installation of the foundation/slab and/or first floor decking to Alces' specifications. The deck construction is not much different than that used in conventional framing except for a few minor details which will be discussed during the timber frame design phase.

You, or your builder, are responsible for providing power to the building site prior to Alces Post & Beam's delivery of your frame.

Site Preparation
It is your responsibility to make sure your driveway is suitable for all material and heavy equipment delivery to the site. The foundation must be backfilled and site graded so that we can work with our equipment around as much of the building's perimeter as possible.

Waste Removal
Building waste removal is your responsibility. Waste created in a timber frame and panel project includes wooden blocks, stresskin panel pieces, foam cans, and the usual construction debris.

Structural Insulated Panels
Prolonged exposure to the elements can cause structural insulated panel OSB to delaminate. Roofing and siding materials should be applied over panels as soon as possible. Once the wall panels have been installed, you or your builder are responsible for laying out window and door openings on the interior panel surface so that Alces Post and Beam can cut the openings.

This covers the more important of your responsibilities during the construction of your timber framed home. Other details will be flushed out and explained during the timber frame design process. We are happy to offer any additional information we can to help your project run smoothly.

We look forward to working with you!

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