Thank you to all our customers!

"We would like you and your crew to know how pleased we are with the timber frame you built for us. I feel really good about the decision to use Alces. You will recall that I talked to more than 40 of the best-known timber frame companies in New England and eastern Canada, and I personally visited 10 of these companies, and viewed several of the frames they built. Your frames far outshone all of the others I saw in terms of design, aesthetics, structure, joinery, and attention to detail. The one you built for us is no exception.

Additionally, your design services and drafting of the frame plan were excellent and allowed us to really visualize the frame before it was built. And the workmanship shown by your crew on the frame itself and in its erection was truly exceptional. We could not be more pleased with the timber frame and the work you and your crew have done. I look forward to repeating the process with the garage/guest house in the future."

Marv and Nancy — Houston, Texas

To Ky, Brian, Todd and Lisa of the Alces Post & Beam Family:

"This is to thank all of you for the superb work you did for Wendy and me in the past few weeks. You have built us a weekend getaway and a treasured family heirloom that will be enjoyed for many generations.

In watching this process from the design stage to the joinery in the shop, and then to the assembly and raising at the site, I have been truly amazed at the precision of the joinery. As I told you, I don't think you could slip a sheet of paper into any joint in the building. The dedication and craftsmanship shown by all of you is evident in the end result.

It has been our pleasure to get to know you folks and I sincerely hope you will drop in from time to time and enjoy it with us."

The Doubleshot Sugarhouse
Larry & Wendy — Fayston, Vermont

"We spent many months looking at timber frame companies and were ready to settle on a different one when our contractor suggested we meet with Alces. Not knowing the true aspects of how Ky and his team hand manufacture the frame, we probably would have been satisfied with the 'other guy'. However, we learned that some of the special things Alces does such as shouldering all beams make for a superior structural frame. No one we looked at built their frames this way.

On budget, on time and with the highest integrity, we could not have asked for more. Thanks Ky, Lisa, Todd and Mack for a home that will last for generations and has very deep meaning knowing the care that went into crafting it."

Eric & Martha — North Reading, MA

"The house is wonderful.  The timber framing work performed by Alces is outstanding.  We were on-site during the erection of the timber framing and were extremely impressed with the meticulous attention to every detail that is the hallmark of the methods used by Alces.  The framing is integrated together and ONLY after the framing is exactly as it should be are the holes drilled for the pegs that fasten the frame members together and the pegs hammered into place!

People who visit our home and are familiar with Alces, recognize that Alces installed the timber frame.  That is due to the superb craftsmanship. We are reminded of that craftsmanship when we visit other timber frame structures.  In one way or another, these other structures always lack the superior quality of an Alces job.

We have all heard the awful stories of people who have built custom homes in dealing with contractors.  Our experience was/is very positive.  We still have good relationships with these folks.  And there were no surprises in the cost or the schedule of production."

"We couldn't be happier with our home"

Joe & Jane — Waitsfield, VT



"After several years of planning and exploring (no joke!), we met Ky at Alces Post and Beam. An immediate connection was made for us and we now have an exceptional home...  Quality, beauty, craftsmanship and a personable crew to work with is what you can expect with Alces Post and Beam.  Our most sincere thanks to all of you for our beautiful home."

The Miner Family — Brandon, VT




"We would recommend Alces Post & Beam to anyone who is planning on building a timber frame home. Ky and his group are a pleasure to work with. The product is spectacular, on time and exactly on budget. They exceeded all of our expectations!"

Mike & Sarah — Wellesley, MA




"Ky and the entire crew at Alces were very professional throughout the entire planning and building process. We knew immediately that everyone at Alces loves and takes great pride in their work. We were impressed with Alces' ability to work and design around architect plans that were not originally meant for timber frame construction (we planned for a large addition onto an existing log structure)—they accomplished a difficult task with ease! They were timely and always honored their commitment to meet the necessary deadlines.

Watching the craftsmen at Alces bring the notched wood and pegs to our site and then assembling them like a giant jig-saw puzzle over a period of a few days was the best part of our construction project. The raising is something every homeowner ought to see! They worked very hard long hours and were dedicated to making the final result perfect!

We support Alces and highly recommend them to people passionate about constructing an authentic timber-frame home."

Cory & Heather — Danby, VT


"In today's world of 'cookie cutter' houses and 'slip shod' construction, Ky and his crew are a breath of fresh air. Fine craftsmanship is evident in every detail. Not only do they take great pride in their work, but they also show a true respect for each other and the age-old process of timber framing from start to finish, each step of the way. Our home will stand for many generations as a testament of their skill."

Jay & Abby — Fayston, Vermont


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